Experience the city in a new way with CicLAvia - Slow down, look around, and engage with your community!

Fall 2023
Image courtesy of CicLAvia

Inspired by Bogotá’s weekly ciclovía, CicLAvia temporarily closes streets to car traffic and opens them to Angelenos to use as a public park. Free for all, CicLAvia connects communities to each other across an expansive city, creating a safe place to bike, walk, skate, roll, and dance through Los Angeles County.

To learn more about CicLAvia, visit www.ciclavia.org.

Photo Credit by Dr. Lea Hald / Santa Monica College

Our Class Challenge

How might we… capture stories on event day, and level up the storytelling about the communities events are in.

How might we… highlight event value for those who don't want to pay, and encourage participation and support for CicLAvia.

How might we… create a toolkit for partners to make their event booth's impactful and engaging.

How might we… encourage event participants to explore all event day activities.

Project Case Studies