How to apply to the Interaction Design program

How to apply

Complete your portfolio and application in Slideroom. Learn more about the IxD Interaction Design Bachelors Degree program by attending an info session.


The Interaction Design (IxD) Bachelor of Science degree program blends the fields of design, user experience (UX), and technology. Interaction Designers ensure that products are appealing, effective and intuitive for their users. They create the experiences we have every day with smart objects, devices, and the web.

The Interaction Design degree is made up of 2 years of upper-division IxD classes. The upper division curriculum requires a full-time commitment (12 or more units per semester), and must be taken in sequence.


  1. Speak with an SMC IxD Counselor to see if the IxD Program might be right for you and establish your IxD Major Preparation plan.
  2. Enroll at SMC and set ‘Interaction Design’ as your intended major.
  3. Complete 60 lower division units of CSU transferable general education and IxD Major Preparation Requirements, which can be fulfilled by completing SMC’s Design Associate’s Degree with a User Experience Certification and IxD CSU General Education pattern or the IGETC for CSU.

Courses from a regionally accredited college or AP/IB/CLEP credit may be acceptable pending Counselor approval. If you’ve attended another college, be sure to meet with a Counselor to review your transcripts and create an education plan.

Important Information

Application Open
December 1, 2023
Application Deadline
March 1, 2024
If Accepted, You Will Start
August 2024
estimated graduation
June 2026
Estimated cost
(For the entire degree, not including Financial Aid)
This estimation is calculated for domestic students who are California residents. Read about the cost breakdown on the FAQ page.
financial aid
Application Fee


Your portfolio should be:

  • 3-5 projects
  • curated body of work that demonstrates your understanding and interest in design
  • edited to highlight your best and most relevant design work. You can choose to include professional, class assignment and/or self-initiated works.

Your portfolio should be:

  • Websites
  • Mobile apps
  • Products
  • Interaction design
  • User experience design
  • Print

What does the IxD faculty expect to see in a portfolio?

  1. Show the way you think about problems. Faculty wants to read about your thought and decision making process.
  2. Show your process. How did you go from problem or concept to solution? Show your brainstorms, research, sketches, user tests and photos to visualize your process.
  3. Tell a good story. Use language, visual hierarchy and design to make your portfolio engaging and easy to understand.

How might you structure your projects in your portfolio?

You can use this outline as inspiration or guidance. However, you’re highly encouraged to tell your story in your unique way. Focus on telling an engaging story of you and your projects, and don’t be afraid to just go for it and submit your portfolio!

Application in Slideroom

  1. You must send official transcripts to Santa Monica College. Unofficial transcripts can be submitted in Slideroom.
  2. You will be asked to respond to two personal essay questions.
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