Neighborhood Engagement

Fall 2022
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How might we encourage participants to engage along the route and activate business participation?


A travel map will help engage with participants along the route by finding those who may miss all the community has to offer. This fosters communication with participants and enriches their knowledge of interactive points along the route that otherwise may not be on the main map.


The map we created of the Heart of LA route provided participants with an opportunity to get and exchange information regarding the local neighborhood.

The map gave event-goers a sense of direction along the route, making them feel more grounded.

The travel map provided an opportunity to have conversations with participants along the route.

Many participants needed a place to access community information that would help them find open businesses.

Some businesses do not know how to participate, we needed a way to facilitate a conversation.

Project Overview

Our goal was to identify, create, and design ways to get community members excited about the event and see it as an opportunity to activate their space.

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Design Team

Lizbeth Martinez

Interaction Designer

Alba Chavez-Flores

UX/UI Designer

Samantha Heinrich

User Researcher

Christina Strok

UX/UI Designer