Spring 2022
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Although Meow Wolf exhibits are intentionally designed to keep users confused and entangled in mysterious storylines, some found the experience extremely frustrating. Unfortunately these users went to review sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Reddit to voice their frustrations.


The Meow Wolf HoloPrism is a mobile phone accessory that displays videos and images in a three-dimensional space. The digital app that accompanies the product helps users to follow the complex storyline with hints, take photos within the app, and display them as a hologram to extend their experience at the exhibit.


  • Meow Wolf’s niche amongst other immersive experiences is their puzzling storylines
  • Unlike many other immersive experiences, Meow Wolf super fans will spend up to ten hours in an exhibit (Convergence Station, Omega Mart, House of Eternal Return)
  • Holographic experiences are becoming more popularized today with brands like Adidas, Stella McCartney, and Coachella using the medium to creatively engage their audience

Project Overview

We designed a Meow Wolf HoloPrism physical product accompanied by a digital app that helps users follow a complex storyline and extend their experience at the exhibit.

Design Team

Chrissy Stevens

Interaction Designer

Miranda White

Interaction Designer

Yena Kim

UX/UI Designer

Jonathan San Agustin

Product Designer

Masha Iurco

UX/UI Designer