Fundraising & Partnerships

Fall 2022
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The Problem

Event goers are unaware of the Street Star program and other donation opportunities for CicLAvia

The Solution

To run a guided poster campaign that is eye-catching and interactive in order to increase engagement with, and awareness of, the Street Star program and other donation opportunities.

Final Insights

We found that without encouragement and guidance to engage with the posters, most event goers were reluctant. However, they were willing and open to do so once encouraged. Having someone to facilitate the engagement makes a lot of difference. We also found that scale and placement matters. We tested the same design in different sizes and locations, and the one that gathered the most attention was the largest one next to the route map.

Project Overview

We created a poster campaign that aimed to increase awareness about the donation opportunities for CicLAvia. It contained visual elements that were aligned with CicLAvia branding, a catchy tagline, and a QR code that lead to the donation website.

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Design Team

Mathias Moslehi

Interaction Designer

Jiashi Balisacan

UX/UI Designer

Jonathan Gomez

Product Designer

Natsumi Takagi

UX/UI Designer