Activision is a world leader in developing, publishing and distributing interactive entertainment. The company headquarters also happen to be in Santa Monica!

Santa Monica College IxD Students engaging with industry
This semester’s design challenge asked students:
How can the Call of Duty companion app create social features to keep players engaged with the game and each other?
Our Process

This Design Challenge asked IxD students to examine this design challenge through three distinct phases:

Develop Concepts (midterm)

Individual or student pairs employed a variety of primary and secondary research methods to generate concepts

These methods include interviews of participants and domain experts as well as competitor analysis and heuristic evaluations of the Call of Duty brand and app.
Leveraging insights from their research, students then proposed a concept or concepts—via a video pitch—directly to Activision stakeholders as part of a midterm review.

Materialize (final)

Students moved from individual or pair work into five teams with the goal of creating a functional prototype.

They then tested, and retested these prototypes with participants as part of a four-week sprint. These prototypes reflect themes identified by Activision stakeholders such as Friends, Squads/Challenges, and Improvement.

Gather Insights (retro)

In this final phase, students take a step back to reflect on the design process, holistically.

This is a challenging exercise that asks each team to prioritize the most relevant learnings and design these insights in a way that is relevant—and engaging—to stakeholders.