Activision is a world leader in developing, publishing and distributing interactive entertainment. The company headquarters also happen to be in Santa Monica!

Santa Monica College IxD Students engaging with industry
Develop Concepts (midterm)

This section represents each individual or student pair’s area of focus. It includes a pitch video that was shared directly with Activision stakeholders as part of a mid-project review. It also includes a case study documenting each student’s research process.

Preferred Squads

How might we create an enjoyable, nontoxic, inclusive space for female Call of Duty players using the companion app?

Ava Arshadi
See Case Study
Gizelle Hurtado
See Case Study
Accessible and Inclusive Culture

How might we allow marginalized groups of players to have a better experience in Call of Duty game and have it manifested in the companion app?

Activision Draft

How might we get people of all levels and personality types to engage with the companion app?

Gabriela Castro
See Case Study
Focus Shift

How might we provide users opportunities to invest time and effort into the companion app in order to encourage CoD players to use it?

Armel Patanian
See Case Study
Casey Montz
See Case Study
Regiment Upgrades

How might we help players form communities with players they enjoy interacting with?

Omzee Pitchford
See Case Study
In Squad Gaming

How might we make it easier for Companion App Squad Members to play together to compete for weekly challenges?

Julia Engfer
See Case Study
Drew Hemnes
See Case Study
Increasing engagement within the Call of Duty Companion App

How might we improve the social offerings of the Call of Duty Companion app to create a more helpful experience for users that advances engagement while expanding the user base?

William Gamez
See Case Study
Ami Kubota
See Case Study
Project TiCOM

What are ways we can cultivate more engaging, cooperative and bonded Random teams that result in a stronger sense of CoD group identity?

Zephyr Swart
See Case Study
Porfirio Moreno Ortega
See Case Study
COD Commend System

How might we incorporate a player rating system that rewards positive behavior and encourages new relationships?

Ralph Buan
See Case Study
Christian Enriquez
See Case Study
CoD Vox Link

Not every player has access to a mic, which can affect the overall experience of the game in a negative way, especially with player interactions. Some challenges I faced was a rocky recruitment and scheduling issues with participants but I eventually overcame that and got enough insights to brainstorm some concepts.

Aaron Guhin
See Case Study
COD Leadership

How might we change the negative culture and interactions that are driving new recruits away from the game so that we could instead focus on facilitating these casual connections towards lasting friendships?

Miguel Bryan Juteau
See Case Study
CoD Connect

How might we build a positive CoD community conducive to turning match players into friends?

Recruitment Roadmap


Chase Nguyen
See Case Study
Marcelo Layera
See Case Study
Gamer Guru Guides

What are ways we can provide value to new Call of Duty players through specific, in-app strategy videos posted by Warzone experts?

Genevieve Johnson
See Case Study
Ross Meredith
See Case Study