Sidereal Connector

Spring 2022
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Meow Wolf's Convergence Station is an immersive art exhibit that transports people into a new world through art, exploration, and play. The problem is this engaging content is not reflected in the gift shop.


The Sidereal Connector is an interactive wallet that can be purchased before, during, or after the Meow Wolf experience. With the wallet, users can interact with the exhibit by tapping it at Memports to collect memories. During the experience, users can search for AR creatures on the app.


  • Meow Wolf has an extremely wide demographic of users, people travel to the exhibit from all different ages and backgrounds
  • One thing we did find in common is the fan's love for puzzles
  • Many of the die-hard Meow Wolf lovers are still trying to solve the story, even after multiple visits to Convergence Station. We found this is also something that frustrates first time visitors.

Project Overview

This interactive and modular wallet pairs to a mobile interface, giving Convergence Station visitors a chance to unlock content by solving puzzles and cryptic cues.

Design Team

Audrienna Walker-Mueller

UX/UI Designer

Julia Margreta Wetterdal

Interaction Designer

David Giammarco

Product Designer

Natsumi Takagi

UX/UI Designer

Andres Adrian Muñoz

Interaction Designer