Building on their research, students in this phase turned insights into making.

These research-inspired prototypes were vetted by Red Bull as part of a midterm review to make sure they aligned with a company need or interest. Students then tested, and retested these prototypes with participants in an effort to iterate and refine their designs based on user feedback. Many of these prototypes reflect subcategories and/or themes of the larger brief, and are grouped as such below.


Personalization Through Onboarding

Cole Vercammen

The purpose of this prototype is to allow users to reorganize the content to ensure they can accomplish their goals more quickly.
This prototype helps users find value in the app at the outset through onboarding. The content feed is personalized for the user according to their preferences.

Braxton Huff

This prototype provides a more welcoming way to display content that users want to see in the Red Bull TV app.
Improving onboarding to help new users find content that is tailored to their interests from the start of using the Red Bull TV app.

Brent Lawson

This prototype looks at Individualizing the experience through user mood in discovering personalized content.

Petula Pascall

An onboarding experience that creates excitement, familiarity and confidence in the brand and Red Bull TV app.
This prototype presents an interesting and fun onboarding experience that is clear, direct and quick. The goal is to reduce the amount of screens users must go through to learn and add personalization to the app. 


New ways to experience Red Bull content through the use of immersive technologies.

Courtney Taylor

LoL AR Portal is a Red Bull TV feature that will allow users to view League of Legends matches in AR.
This feature allows users to place the league of legends field in their room and watch the match in Augmented Reality from any angle.

Susanna Davtyan

VR Sports Training offers professional instruction to users of various skill levels.
Users can share their achievements on social media and interact with other users. This creates the user generated content that is currently missing from the Red Bull app.

Stefan Tabencki

An avatar creation feature that allows you to customize a mini virtual version of yourself and play games in the Red Bull app.

Live Events

An enjoyable experience before and after the event.

Landon Harris

This feature facilitates a simplified experience for music goers who want to be able to track their upcoming events as well as view content from past experiences through the new calendar feature in events tab.

Shadae Kawaguchi

An interactive map of Red Bull events that improves way-finding and the ability to see exclusive events.
Improving the Red Bull live event experience with an interactive map that allows users to find their friends, points of interest, exclusive experiences, and parking in one app.

Genesis Baltasar

This feature presents various ways to attract non-consumers to the Red Bull brand at live events through challenges & incentives.
Mobile UI demonstrating redemption of a digital freebie at an event, leading to the introduction of a point system where users can access more digital incentives through the completion of challenges.

Haren Soril

An In-app event organizer that helps Users prepare for, as well as manage their events.
The Red Bull TV Event Organizer helps users by showing previews, bios, and event playbacks of participating musical artists and athletes. In addition, users are able to customize their event calendar so they can efficiently organize and access their schedule.


Promoting inclusivity and delivering a sense of belonging.

Araseli Serrano

A partner app designed to encourage and motivate amateur athletes to excel in their preferred sport.
Red Bull Charged is a separate platform focused on Red Bull events, content, and athletes. Its purpose is to foster athlete connections and promote local events.

Melody Hagedorn

A partner app designed to build community by connecting mountain bikers via meetups at different trails nearby.
Red Bull Ride is a standalone app, which is used as a social networking platform for users (mountain bikers) to meet up and explore trails together based on location and experience level.

Yuan Li

Creating a new video collection to empower women in eSports.
Ms. Gamer is a new video collection in Red Bull TV’s gaming category, with a series of videos from female eSports athletes. This is the first step in the grand scheme of women’s recognition in eSports.

Roy Allen

Creating new ways for Red Bull to provide value, connect, and create long-term relationships with users.
Red Bull U is a social media app that provides a way for the extreme sports enthusiast to connect with Red Bull & others. They can share spots, events, and images, and also Red Bull TV content.


Helping Red Bull TV users find, learn more about, and connect with their favorite athletes.

Elsa Grayson

Streamlining the discovery of the Red Bull TV app through athlete social media.
This prototype explores navigation pathways starting in athletes’ social media pages and helps users discover Red Bull TV app content featuring their favorite athletes. Users are presented with intermediate screens that help promote the Red Bull TV app and help users download or open the app and go straight to the content they are looking for.

Edebaldo Ramirez

Solving the lack of personal communication and familiarization between fans and athletes through profiles.
Athlete Profiles with Career/Personal Bios. A prototype designed using Photoshop and XD that will show the user journey: from opening the app, choosing a country and sport, to finding the athlete.

Emily Hedrick

Red Bull Pro-Vision - Using AR to help users personally connect to their favorite athletes.
Red Bull Pro-Vision is an in-app AR experience that places user’s favorite athletes in their own environment. The athlete can share personal anecdotes, give pointers, and show off their favorite gear.

Aksana Kashounik

An app designed specifically for the sporting community and the serious athletes that are seeking to improve their skills and find sponsorship.
Training Ground App is a single hub for all serious athletes to showcase their talent, learn new skills, network, grow followers base, and find sponsorship.