7 Insights to Address Immediately 

Each student was asked to develop their own line of inquiry—and in turn, identify project specific insights. However, certain insights appeared across projects. 
These insights reflect some of the most common pain points for Red Bull users in this study.

Brand Awareness

App, what app?

While red bull has a huge reputation that users know, few users had knowledge of the red bull app.


Give users a choice.

Users felt like they didn’t have a say in what content was shown to them.


Give users what they want.

Users preferred to view content that related to their interests at the top of the page while featured content/other content should be put near the bottom

Red Bull Athletes

Start with the athletes.

Fans recognize Red Bull because of specific athletes, and athlete-centric navigation matters to them.


Get over yourself.

Red Bull’s preference to market content exclusively toward extreme sports enthusiasts alienates non-initiated users.

Live Events

Overhaul Events

The events page lacked key features and current or upcoming information which prevented users from discovering or participating in Red Bull events.

Of Note

100 RB Male Gamers, 1 Female Gamer (WTF)

Although, nearly 50 percent 0f U.S gamers are female, Red Bull has only signed a deal with 1 female gamer out of over 30 esports athletes worldwide.