Students were divided into teams of four and were encouraged to recruit participants with a specific disability or need as means to focus their research.


TEAM Members:

Nadina Cosic, Jae Toyota, Chioma Ojini, Mordechai Friedman

Top Three Insights:
  1. The visually impaired doesn’t want accessibility to be an afterthought.
  2. Fonts are too small which prompt the users to find alternatives such as using external software or the trackpad to use in and out
  3. Difficulty in navigation. Categories are too close to each other, elements are too spread out on the interface, especially with tunnel vision.
Research Summary pdf
Handover Doc pdf

Hulu For You

TEAM Members:

Sarah Sathavipat, Florence Lafite, Stephanie Hawken, Douglas Dean

Top Three Insights:
  1. People with visual disabilities sit on a spectrum and tend to have unique accessibility needs and preferences when it comes to accessing and viewing content online.
  2. The majority of digital and web accessibility standards focus on those who sit at extreme ends of this spectrum, thus excluding a large percentage of visually impaired people.
  3. Despite people with vision impairment feeling like they aren’t heard, they are capable and eager to learn or create solutions for the challenges they face.

Hulu Remote

TEAM Members:

Brenna Carlstrom, Esteban Gonzalez, Michael Shafer, Zachary Lalich

Top Three Insights:

People with Cerebral Palsy experience a range of problems unique to every individual.

  1. Stiff muscles/muscles that tire easily/involuntary muscle spasms result in low fine motor skills for people with CP.
  2. Cognitive impairments are associated with CP, making things like memory, reading, and counting very difficult.
  3. Solutions for physical disabilities are under represented in technology today.


TEAM Members:

Melissa Kolko, Jenny Lyckholm, Hector Cruz, Laura Nielsen

Top Three Insights:
  1. 1. Physical disabilities hinder our participant’s abilities to efficiently navigate screen content. We observed various hacks and lifestyle adaptations. They seek ways to improve their lives and fit in to our world of technology.
  2. They were frustrated with the small buttons and touch pads on their devices which caused frustration and self blame.
  3. They expressed a need and desire to have a more intuitive, responsive voice controlled navigation system to search and discover content on Hulu as well as other streaming services.

Hulu & Hang

TEAM Members:

Kathleen Hwang, Ivan Delarosa, Luke Buenaventura, Manuel Hernandez

Top Three Insights:
  1. Third party accessibility software and hardware are sometimes not compatible with the platform. This prevents users from accessing the website before they even get to the website.
  2. UI and navigation of website not consistent between platforms.
  3. Each individual needs specific personalization and customization of software and hardware to meet their needs. Today’s current technological landscape is not designed to meet their needs.