Design for Community Change teamed up with Cognitive Psychology and paired students from the IxD program with an organization to design and develop a project for social impact. Working collaboratively with this year’s partner Hulu, students apply a variety of user experience and interaction design skill sets to solve a need identified by Hulu.


This semester’s design challenge:

“How might we design Hulu to be more accessible for people with needs or different challenges when it comes to discovering and/or viewing content?”

This Design Challenge asked IxD students to:

Recruit study participants

Five teams each selected a target audience to research how they experience streaming video content.

Conduct a minimum of two in-home interviews with each participant

With consent forms and prepared interview scripts in hand, each team asked questions and made in-home observations of the participants video watching experience.

Midterm exhibition-style presentation

The research collected was presented to Hulu for feedback.

Create a prototype based on their findings

Each team brainstormed concepts and designed a prototype of the concept.

Share prototypes with their participants

Participants gave feedback on accessibility of the prototypes that each team designed.

Final presentations at Hulu

Each team presented their research and prototype on how to improve the video streaming experience for individual with special needs to Hulu.