Senior Studio is a capstone course asking IxD students—in their final semester—to apply the knowledge and skills they’ve gained throughout their education to a real-world brief by an industry partner.
Senior Studio 2019 partnered with Bird to solve the following design challenge….

This semester’s design challenge:

How might we design a sustainable and equitable Bird loyalty program for students at SMC?

This Design Challenge asked IxD students to:


Consider the full lifecycle of Bird’s business, from first ride, to charge, to repair, recommendations, and continued use.


How can students get involved a la loyalty program in all aspects of Bird’s service ecosystem including potential part-time job opportunities?


  • E-scooters are not allowed on campus. As a commuter college with multiple campuses, consider the challenges of getting students where they need to be, and how a loyalty program specific to SMC could help. This includes getting to and from public  or personal transportation (metro, bus, etc.) at the start of their commutes to arriving at SMC—and transportation in-and-around Santa Monica once they’ve arrived.
  • While Bird is regularly introducing new features into their app, think through the system outside of the app and within the ecosystem of SMC. Examples could include safety, respectful rider behavior, or something else.